Zach Salter


In 2004, I stepped foot in my local YMCA to workout for the first time. Instantly, I was hooked. What I found in the weight room was more than just a better physique. I found confidence, creativity, innovation, and developed mental skills that served as a platform for future success. It became a lifestyle.

Over the last few years, I have had the opportunity to live in several different cities which has allowed me to learn and train with incredible athletes around the country. From those experiences, I took my training to the next level. In 2015, I competed in my first NPC show, and since then have become nationally qualified as a Classic Physique Athlete.

I live everyday with a 5% mentality. It took a decade of sacrificing, to grow from a skinny kid walking into the gym for the first time, to where I am today. It is about the commitment and sacrifice to be the best version of myself and continuously demonstrate that limits are not an option for me. There are plenty of distractions throughout our life that will try and pull us away from the things that we want to do. The most important thing, is that we never lose sight of our own happiness, and what we perceive as greatness in our own mind. I encourage you all, wherever you are at in your journey, to never give up.