Chris Myers

Chris "Mayhem" Myers

  • Height: 6' 2"
  • Weight: 230 lbs
  • Date of Birth: January 27, 1987
  • Residence: Tampa, Florida


I got heavily into fitness after the military and several life threatening injuries where I was told I wouldn't be able to be active in fitness like I was used to. At 26 years old, I couldn't see that happening so I got to work on  getting stronger daily, until I developed into being a full blown athlete and personal trainer.

My life and what I have been through, motivates me every day. Not to sound cocky or full of myself, but at one point I had a hard time walking let alone lifting weights. All those times I was told no or I got knocked down, I got right back up and that has always been my motivation. Another thing that inspired me while I was laying in the hospital sad as fuck, was watching Rich Piana and David Goggins videos. Those 2 gave me drive that I never experienced before and I has every intention on using it. That paired with my inability to take no for an answer, gave me all the inspiration I needed to change my life.

It's not really motivation for me, it's dedication. Dedication to be the best version of myself possible, even against all odds. To me, it makes no sense to build the body and not one's mind, so as a daily discipline along with working out, I also practice self development because that's what I feel "Self Made" means. 
Rebuilding myself from the ground up into the badass new and improved version of myself, is why I'm a 5%ER.

Professional and Fitness Experience:

  • Fitness model for over 2 years
  • Personal Trainer (in person and online) for 7 years
  • Nike and Armani athletic photo shoots
  • Print model with FP Models in Miami


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