Road to 380 - Bigger The The Day Episode 8


          This week starts with the daily consistent 2,000 calorie shake before the workout then its off to the gym for shoulders. The calories don't stop there. After he gets home it's another 2,000 calories shake which includes the brand spankin' new REAL CARBS + Protein Banana Nut Bread flavor....MMMmmmm. Now it's time to eat. How does this sound? 350g of Salmon filets, rice, and some salsa. Then it's 2.5 lbs of steak, rice, cheese and salsa. Sounds good right? Well he doesn't just tell you. He shows you how he cooks it. What's almost better than watching a monster eat? Watching a monster cook!

Let's do this!

#BiggerByTheDay #RoadTo380 #IlliaGolem

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