When’s The Best Time To Take Your 5% Testosterone Boosters?


As any serious bodybuilder knows, testosterone is one of the body’s primary natural metabolically positive hormones. It’s also the one that’s most associated with muscle growth, enhanced strength, and sex drive. Yet there’s a problem with your body’s natural production of testosterone. It peaks as early as your mid-20s and drops from there. If size and strength are your goals, that’s not a good situation!(1)

5% Nutrition TEST Stack

That’s where a testosterone booster comes in. No doubt you’ve seen and probably tried some of the various test boosters currently on the market. Many of these products are little more than underdosed and ineffective prop blends. The good news is 5% Nutrition has stepped in and shown everybody else how it's done with TEST Testosterone Booster! We didn’t stop there - we also created not 1, but 2 distinct Core formulas that can be used by themselves or stacked with TEST to create the ultimate testosterone-boosting stack.

Incorporating TEST Testosterone Booster Into Your Program

5%’s powerful TEST stack is good news for those bodybuilders that are looking for an edge and want a natural solution to the more aggressive supplement choices. It’s also good news for older bodybuilders that may need some help with their natural production of testosterone. 

As noted, a natural test booster is an effective solution for men that have suffered a drop in their natural testosterone production due to age. This makes it an advanced supplement and not something a beginner in their mid to late teens should be using. 5% Nutrition TEST is one of the best test boosters available, and the addition of Core D-Aspartic Acid and Core ZMA take it to the next level. Still, your body’s natural progression suggests that a test booster will be most effective as you reach your mid to late twenties and beyond. 

First, you should have a cornerstone supplement program consisting of your favorite 5% protein, your preferred 5% pre-workout, one of our innovative creatines, and All Day You May. From there, you can add an advanced stack like TEST, Core D-Aspartic Acid, and Core ZMA. 5% Nutrition features only innovative, high-quality products designed for all levels of experience, so you can establish your foundational program and go from there based on your needs and experience. 

The concept of starting with the basics and building from there is similar to how you approach your workouts. When you first start out, you’re focusing on the basics, such as learning good form on the basic exercises. As you begin to advance you add exercises, use heavier weight, more volume, and more advanced training techniques. You don’t just rush into an advanced routine your first week of training. The same applies to your use of a test booster. 

Using Your 5% Testosterone Boosters 

Once you have determined that you can benefit from a test booster, the question is, what’s the best way to use it? Following the label directions, take both TEST and Core D-Aspartic Acid with breakfast. While you can take them with any meal, taking them first thing in the morning gives you the benefits for most of the day. Also, taking them with food enhances absorption. Core ZMA can be taken within an hour of bedtime. Use TEST for 8 weeks, followed by a 6-week break. Core D-Aspartic Acid and Core ZMA do not need to be cycled. 


Using 5% Nutrition TEST, Core D-Aspartic Acid and Core ZMA might make a big difference in your progress. If you’re past your 20s or even in your 40s, 50s, or 60s, it’s time to maximize your natural testosterone production. For best results, go with 5% Nutrition!


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