Lying EZ Triceps Pullover, Extension & Press - Execution & Benefits


Are you looking to build massive triceps? You know they make up most of your upper arm size. That means you need to hit those tri’s hard if you want big arms. You’ll also want to work those bi’s for sure, but here’s a somewhat rare exercise that’s going to help you build those tri’s. This article examines the Lying EZ Triceps Pullover, Extension & Press - Execution & Benefits. There’s a good chance you haven’t used this one lately! 

What Is The Lying EZ Triceps Pullover, Extension & Press?

This exercise is a unique variation of the more common lying triceps extension and press. First off, it’s done using an EZ bar rather than a straight bar. The EZ gives you angles you can’t get with a straight bar. Depending on the EZ bar you’re using, you can get a close-hammer-style grip that works great for both triceps and biceps exercises. Now, the difference between this and the extension & press is this exercise adds and begins with a pullover. So in effect, you are doing a triset of effective triceps exercises, and you're also hitting secondary muscles such as the chest, delts, and lats.

The Benefits Of The Lying EZ Triceps Pullover, Extension & Press

  • This Exercise Works All 3 Triceps Heads
  • Works Several Important Secondary Muscles
  • Ups The Intensity Of Your Workout
  • Builds Strength
  • Helps Pack On Triceps Mass
  • Gives You Killer Pumps
  • Helps Build Endurance

Lying EZ Triceps Pullover, Extension & Press Involves The Following Muscle Groups

The pullover phase of this exercise works the long head of the triceps and the chest, lats, and rear delts. The other 2 triceps heads act as stabilizers. Extensions work all 3 heads with the chest, lats, and delts acting as stabilizers. Finally, the close grip press works all 3 heads with the chest and delts acting as stabilizers.(1,2,3)

How To Do Lying EZ Triceps Pullover, Extension & Press

First, use as much weight as possible. Do not undercut the effectiveness of this exercise by going too light. Working with greater intensity is the idea here. You can’t do that with an easy weight. This is a pretty straightforward exercise and no doubt you have performed at some of these 3 movements. 

Here are some tips:

  1. Lay back on your bench with your head supported at the end of the bench. Do not hang your head off the end.
  2. Use a grip that will work for all 3 exercises. That means either a close grip or if your bar has it, a hammer-style grip. Once you start, do not stop until you are done. No pausing or resting between the exercises.
  3. You will take each exercise to failure. 
  4. When doing pullovers, keep the EZ bar close to your head and your elbows tucked in close as well. Go back behind your head as far as comfortable. 
  5. Go right into extensions, and drop the bar back behind your head, not to your forehead as in skull crushers. Keep your elbows close to your head. 
  6. Then go right into a close-grip press. The weight may be a little light for presses, but you’ve just taken 2 sets to failure. Your tri’s should be getting fatigued, so rep out on these. 
  7. Perform your reps slow and controlled. Leave momentum out of it. 
  8. Work this into your routine by using this as your primary triceps exercise. Try super-setting this with seated EZ curls. When you fail, go right into seated EZ drag curls. You can follow this up with triceps pressdowns and incline dumbbell curls. 

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  1. Dumbbell Pullover
  2. Barbell Lying Triceps Extension
  3. Barbell Close Grip Bench Press
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