Real Carbs Rice/Shake Time Super Thick Chocolate Shake

What 5% Nutrition Supplements Go Well With This Recipe? 

Here’s a shake that’s high in protein and carbs. Of course, this is a 5% Nutrition Real Carbs Rice/ShakeTime Super Thick Chocolate Shake, so it features whole-food sources of both these macronutrients. This recipe works well for any time of the day and for any goal. It’s especially good as a post-workout shake. Or, use it as a between-meal delicious high-protein snack. Use it along with 5% Nutrition recovery supplements, such as Core L-Glutamine 5000, to name one. Also, use it with muscle builders such as Turkesterone 1200 and Core D-Aspartic Acid. Or, add it to your weight loss program. No matter what your goal is, get there faster with this delectable super thick shake!

[[ recipeID=recipe-8lvzgy5g2, title=Real Carbs Rice/Shake Time Super Thick Chocolate Shake ]]

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