No Longer A Beginner? Here’s The 5% Nutrition Supplements You Should Transition To


So you’ve been working out for a while, and you’ve been using a program that covered your supplement needs as a beginner. But it’s time to move up to the next level. Now, what supplements should start using at this new level? 5% Nutrition has the answer. No Longer A Beginner? Here’s The 5% Nutrition Supplements Beginners Should Transition To!

Real Food-Sourced Powders - Protein & Carbs

Most likely you’ve been using a whey protein powder, right? It’s time to upgrade to real food powders! 5% Nutrition leads the way with Shake Time, a real food-based protein powder - you won’t find any whey here! That’s because Rich Piana didn’t believe in whey. He believed in real food first. That’s why the protein blend in Shake Time consists of Beef Isolate, Chicken, and Whole Egg powder, all sourced from real food.

Then there’s the blend in Real Carbs + Protein, our other cutting-edge protein powder. We add Chickpea powder and real food sources of carbohydrates, including Sweet Potato and Rice. That makes this a complete meal! It doesn’t stop there, we also have Real Carbs, with Sweet Potatoes, Oats, Yams, and Blueberry powder. This outstanding carbohydrate powder evolved from one of Rich’s first 5% supplements. Just add Shake Time, and you have the ultimate post-workout shake, meal replacement, or lean gainer. Change it up with Real Carbs Rice, a delicious tribute to Rich’s love of chocolate crispy rice cereal.  

Since you’re moving into the big leagues, you’re eating big, right? That means you’re following the advice Rich gave about eating at least 6-8 meals a day. The only way to get that done is with 5% real food powders covering at least a couple of those meals. 

5% Nutrition Pre-Workouts - There’s A Lot Of Choices

You’re moving up to the next level and you know that a good pre-workout is one of your best investments. However, it’s time to move on from that entry-level pre-workout you’ve been using. You need a generously dosed, open-label pre-workout, and 5% has a few of them. 

Kill It Reloaded

Your first option is  Kill It Reloaded, with 325 mg of caffeine. Not just a single source, but 3 sources - and that includes extended-release caffeine so you have long-lasting energy. Plus, Kill It Reloaded also features a comprehensive Nitric Oxide Blend for massive pumps, a powerful Nootropic Blend for laser focus, and a Creatine Blend. That’s important, not every supplement company understands how important creatine is. 5% does, and that’s why it’s in Kill It Reloaded.


Want more stims? 5150 is our ultra-strong 400 mg caffeine pre-workout. This features our Stim-Crazy Blend with 8 sources of caffeine and stims. This is the pre-workout Rich depended on for those legendary leg days! Plus, there’s focus, pump, and endurance ingredients for a complete workout experience. 

Kill It RTD

What's next? Kill It RTD, also with 400 mg caffeine plus a whopping 10 grams of glycerin (glycerol). This tremendous ingredient pulls water into the muscles for unbelievable pumps, hyper-hydrating your muscles, and it dramatically increases endurance. You have to try it to believe it!

Full As F*ck

Don’t want all those stims? Then we have Full As F*ck - our stim-free, pump and focus pre-workout. Use it by itself, or add it to any other 5% pre-workout. 

Amino Acids

5% Nutrition has the most advanced amino acid powder on the market - All Day You May. It’s one of the best supplements for beginners and more experienced bodybuilders/athletes alike. One reason this product is so good is its leucine-heavy BCAA Blend. As you no doubt have learned, leucine is directly involved in triggering muscle growth. That makes this a must-have!


Creatine is one of the most researched and proven effective supplements on the market. Creatine helps you build some serious mass and strength. It’s also great for pumps because it pulls water into the muscles, and it supports endurance. If you used it as a beginner, keep using it! We have Crea-TEN, featuring several sources of creatine for the ultimate in absorption. 

Natural Muscle Builders

This is probably new territory for anyone moving up to the next level. This is where 5% really shines! 

Bigger By The Day

This outstanding formula is the strongest all-natural muscle builder available. Bigger By The Day features Ajuga Extract and adds Epicatechin, HICA, and Leucine. Plus, it has a massive dose of Turkesterone. Nothing else comes close!

Turksterone 1200

Turkesterone 1200 has become one of our more popular supplements. Why’s that? The benefits! They include stimulating protein synthesis for size, strength, and improved recovery.

TEST Test Booster

TEST is our advanced testosterone-boosting formula. We’ve synergistically combined ingredients that target free testosterone. That’s a significant difference from other test boosters because free testosterone is what’s used by the body for muscle growth. 

Freak Show

Freak Show is a powerful insulin mimicker that takes any excess carbs in your diet and uses them for muscle growth and glycogen replenishment instead of fat storage. How’s that for a next-level supplement? 

Other 5% Nutrition Supplements

Our innovative Core line features quite a few great products that can easily be incorporated into your supplement arsenal. This innovative line includes Creatine Monohydrate, Citrulline, Glutamine, and D-Aspartic Acid, to name a few. All of these can be added to your hardcore 5% Nutrition Stack. Welcome to the next level!

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