5150 Freeze Pops

No doubt most of us chug down our pre-workout and wait for it to kick in so we can start working out, right? Never mind the taste, let’s just get to it. Why? 5150 Pink Lemonade flavor is absolutely delicious - why not savor it? What’s the rush? Here’s a way to savor it even more - 5150 Freeze Pops! Once summer gets here, these are sure to become one of your favorites.

What 5% Nutrition Supplements Go Well With This Recipe? 

As noted, since this is a pre-workout, you can mix in Full As F*ck. Also, drink All Day You May as an intra-workout, and be sure to have Real Carbs with Shake Time, or Real Carbs + Protein, post-workout. You can also add Crea-TEN or Core Creatine Monohydrate to your workout supplementation. All of these great products means one thing - you’re in for an amazing workout!

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