Mentality Nootropic: Legendary Series


Currently, one of the hottest supplement categories is Nootropics. While they are commonly found in various pre-workouts, they have expanded into their own specialized category. Of course, 5% Nutrition stands on the cutting edge with not one, but two nootropic formulas. Any 5%er knows how powerful Mentality Nootropic Blend: Legendary Series is. Now, there’s also Core Nootropic. Ready to check them out? Let’s get started!

What Are Nootropics?

First, the term ‘nootropics’ has only been around since 1972. It was coined by Romanian chemist Corneliu Giurgea. (1) He used this term to describe compounds that could “turn the mind”. Giurgea felt that to be called a nootropic, the compound must fulfill the following requirements. (2)

  1. Enhance Memory
  2. Improve Learning Ability
  3. Help The Brain Function Under Distractive Conditions
  4. Function As A Neuroprotectant
  5. Improve Neuro Firing Mechanisms

Using supplements designed to enhance brain power makes sense. After all, our drive to succeed is mental. We push for success mentally at least as much as physically. Not to mention, our ability to mentally conquer our workouts means success in the gym. In other words, you’ve gotta do whatever it takes, and that includes mentally. Sound a lot like Rich? It should, he firmly believed the power of the mind was critical to success. The proof is in his startling achievements.

Let’s Look At 5% Nutrition Mentality Nootropic Blend: Legendary Series

5% Nutrition Mentality Nootropic Blend: Legendary Series is a potent nootropic containing three proprietary blends. These blends work synergistically to provide energy, focus, alertness, and intense mental concentration. Mentality helps you conquer whatever task you’re facing. Are you looking at a tough day at work or school? Be mentally prepared with Mentality. Maybe you’re about to tackle a brutal training session. Get ready by adding Mentality to your pre-workout stack.

Here’s the formula! First, we have the Mind Over Matter Mental Power Blend. This Blend includes ginseng, two forms of theanine, alpha lipoic acid, ginkgo, plus more. 

The PyschoStim Adder-All In Energy Burst Blend combines Innova Tea® natural caffeine, Infinergy™ Dicaffeine Malate, and guarana. There’s also theobromine to smooth out the effects of caffeine. 

Finally, there’s the Lucid Focus Neurotransmission Blend. This Blend includes two forms of choline plus DMAE.

Let’s Look at 5% Core Nootropic 

5% Core Nootropic combines several key cognitive enhancers in one formula. These ingredients are alpha gpc, choline bitartrate, and huperzia. We generously dosed each of these ingredients, of course. Core Nootropic increases focus, enhances mental clarity, elevates alertness, and improves memory. This is such a powerful formula, you can use it by itself. Or as you will soon see, it makes a great addition to the right stack! 

Stack Your 5% Nootropic

Our exclusive Core Nootropic Stack is an advanced combination of cognitive enhancement, energy, and your favorite 5% pre-workout! You can stack Mentality and Core Nootropic for unbridled mental power. Add your choice of 5150, Kill It, Kill It Reloaded, or Full As F*ck for an even greater cognitive experience. Talk about supercharged nootropic enhancement!

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