Improve Your Gains With Freak Show

How can you improve your gains with Freak Show? First of all, Freak Show is an innovative insulin mimicker that shuttles excess carbs right to your muscle cells. That means they are used for glycogen replenishment and extreme muscle cell volume as opposed to being used for fat storage. 

The Benefits Of Freak Show

When taken with your 2 highest-carb meals of the day, Freak Show helps your body sidestep the insulin spikes that cause excess carbs to end up stored as fat. Instead, they are carried to your muscles where they can be put to productive use.(1,2) 

So, what are the benefits? 

  • Optimal Glycogen Replenishment
  • Maximum Muscle Cell Volume
  • Increased Training Energy & Endurance
  • Improved Recovery
  • Enhanced Fat Loss
  • Reduced Fatigue

Full glycogen stores mean you have more training energy because of optimal ATP production. It also means your muscles are full, so you look bigger. This is a trick many bodybuilders use to achieve their maximum size for a contest, a photo shoot, or simply to look their best. Since glycogen replenishment is a major part of recovery, you will be able to hit the gym sooner. Of course, you also have to ensure complete recovery by optimizing your protein intake. 

Additionally, by blocking the use of excess carbs being stored as fat, you can enhance your fat loss efforts. Also, you can eat more carbs without fear of gaining fat. This means you’ll feel better, have more energy, and avoid hunger pangs if you’re on a serious cut. If your goal is lean mass, you’ll get there quicker because, as noted, your muscles will use those extra carbs to enhance your lean mass efforts.

Finally, high levels of blood sugar can make you feel fatigued. With Freak Show, your blood sugar levels will be more even, so you will feel less fatigued. This can have a major impact on workout endurance.(3)

The Best Way To Use Freak Show

As suggested, take Freak Show with your 2 highest-carb meals of the day. On workout days, this should be your pre and post-workout meals. On off days, you can take it anytime, but your morning meal should be first on your list. Why? Because you’ve just woken up from a 7-10 hour “fast” and your body needs macronutrients. 

What 5% Nutrition Supplements Can I Stack With Freak Show?

If you want to really improve your gains with Freak Show, there are some 5% supplements you should definitely take along with it. First, if you adhere to Rich’s approach to workout nutrition you most likely use Real Carbs or Real Carbs Rice. If you drink a couple of scoops at a time, like Rich did, consider using Freak Show at the same time. Also, if you use Freak Show with cell volumizers such as Kill It RTD (with 10 grams of glycerol), Core Creatine Monohydrate, or Crea-TEN, you can get the biggest water-based pumps you’ve ever seen. Finally, you should always use a 5% protein source such as Shake Time, and top it off with Digestive Defender to optimize nutrient digestion.


You’re serious about gaining more size just like Rich was. He was an advanced bodybuilder and used quite a few innovative techniques to pack on size. If he had access to Freak Show, he would have used it - and we created it with him in mind. It’s clear, you can improve your gains with Freak Show!


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