Full As F*ck Product Breakdown


Full As F*ck is 5% Nutrition’s legendary pump enhancer. Since it was first envisioned by Rich Piana, Full As F*ck has been updated to include some of the latest pump-enhancing ingredients. It’s also one of the white label Legendary Series. Plus, there are classic flavors such as the phenomenal Southern Sweet Tea and stunning new flavors like Push Pop and Beach Blast. This delicious formula is an ultra-strong pump-enhancing pre-workout that will give you an amazing training experience! Let’s take a closer look at this classic formula. 

Nitric Oxide Pumps And Water-Based Pumps

The history of supplements that impact the pump can be traced back to creatine monohydrate. When creatine hit the market for the first time back in the early 90s, one of its benefits was the ability to increase muscle cell volume. That means it pulls water into the muscles, creating a full, pumped look. As creatine became an established supplement, other ingredients that had similar osmotic benefits became available. These include glycerol, such as the branded ingredient GlycerSize™, betaine, from beetroot, and taurine. 

Pump-based supplements took a huge step forward when the original nitric oxide booster, N.O.2, first came out in the early 2000s. This revolutionary product increased blood flow to the muscles by stimulating the production of nitric oxide. N.O.2 consisted of the amino acid l-arginine. Like creatine before it, several ingredients have since been introduced that do the same thing. Some of the newest nitric oxide-boosting ingredients include citrulline, Nitrosigine®, and S7™. Most of these ingredients work better than arginine. 

5% Nutrition - The Ultimate Pump Supplement!

As you would expect, Full As F*ck is a pump booster loaded with 5% innovation. It’s a combination of nitric oxide boosters and cell volumizers as well as several branded ingredients. This outstanding formula is one more example of the insight of 5% and Rich Piana. 

At this point, let’s find out what the pump is all about. The pump, also known as exercise-induced hyperemia, refers to the increased blood flow to the muscles as a result of training. It’s a temporary sensation that occurs when you train, especially if you use moderate weight, higher reps, and less rest between sets. For example, using reps in the 8-12 range with 30 seconds rest between sets will induce a good pump. Some guys use even higher reps. In his later years, Rich Piana used moderate weight and high reps most of the time. The concept of the pump being purposely caused by training has been around for multiple decades. Back in the early days of bodybuilding, it was called “flushing”. 

No doubt heavy weight and lower reps have their place. If you haven’t been training long, strive to add weight to the bar consistently and build a strength base. Yet you really can only train that way for so long. After a while, you reach a strength limit, and you have to use other methods of progression. 

If your training is more pump-oriented, a pump supplement such as 5% Nutrition Full As F*ck dramatically enhances this sensation. Even if it’s not, you will still experience monster pumps from the advanced Full As F*ck formula.

The Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy Theory Of Muscle Growth

This theory can be defined as an increase in the sarcoplasmic fluid of the muscle cell, yet does not cause an increase in strength. The sarcoplasmic hypertrophy theory means that the sarcoplasm is forced to swell beyond normal. The muscle is, according to the theory, signaled to grow because of all the nutrients delivered to the muscles due to increased blood flow. The sarcoplasmic hypertrophy theory optimizes the idea of the pump and overall cell volume. (1)

Don’t Forget About Protein Synthesis!

No doubt muscle growth is one of your goals. One of the primary keys to muscle growth is protein synthesis stimulation. Provided you are training hard enough to stimulate growth, and not just tossing out endless reps, you will benefit from adding an amino formula such as All Day You May to your regimen. Not to mention, you’ll be getting a high dose of the potent BCAA leucine delivered to your muscles. Leucine stimulates protein synthesis more than any other amino acid.

In fact, Full As F*ck can be stacked with virtually any other 5% supplement. This includes not only ADYM but also the 5% pre-workouts Kill It, Kill It Reloaded, and 5150. Plus, stack Full As F*ck with Crea-TEN or Core Creatine Monohydrate for the ultimate cell volumizing and nitric oxide-boosting experience. 

The Pump Increases Nutrient Delivery

As noted above, there’s another important benefit of Full As F*ck. The increased blood flow caused by increased nitric oxide production transports nutrients to the working muscles. This means your muscles can get the critical amino acids and other nutrients right now when they need them the most. 

This is one reason it’s suggested to stack Full As F*ck and ADYM. As you know, ADYM is loaded with aminos and other nutrients, all designed to help you stay in a positive protein balance. 

So, with Full AS F*ck, you have great pumps and increased nutrient delivery, which may set up the Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy theory. By stacking it with ADYM, you set up protein synthesis and further support Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy with all the nutrients that are shuttled to your muscle cells. 

Full As F*ck - Nitric Oxide And Osmotic Ingredients

One of the great things about this amazing product is the fact it uses full disclosure labeling. Let’s be real, there’s a never-ending flow of new products, mostly pre-workouts, that hit the market. Many of them are laughably under-dosed. Some dose their ingredients so low you wonder why they bothered. Not 5%! You know Rich believed in overdosing every formula, and  Full As F*ck is no exception. 

Here’s what the formula looks like:

N.O. Boosters
  • L-Citrulline
  • Nitrosigine®
  • S7™
  • Dan Shen 

As you can see, Full As F*ck features state-of-the-art nitric oxide boosters. Citrulline has long been considered one of the most effective nitric oxide-enhancing ingredients available. 5% uses pure citrulline. Full As F*ck also features the latest ingredients such as Nitrosigine® and S7™. (2, 3, 4)

What Is Nitric Oxide?

Since we’re talking about nitric oxide boosters, it might be a good idea to see exactly what nitric oxide is. Technically, nitric oxide is a vasodilator consisting of one atom of nitrogen and one atom of oxygen. It’s manufactured in the body from arginine by a group of enzymes known as nitric oxide synthase. NOS breaks down the arginine. It also converts citrulline into arginine. 

What Does Nitric Oxide Do?

As noted, nitric oxide forces more blood into the muscles. This increased blood flow means improved pumps. It also means increased nutrient and oxygen delivery to the muscles. (5, 6)

Cell Volumizers
  • L-Taurine
  • GlycerSize™
  • Beet

Stack one of 5%’s creatine formulas or choose Kill It Reloaded, and take advantage of every effective cell volumizer currently available. (7, 8, 9)

Absorption Enhancer

  • BioPerine® Black Pepper

Absorption is everything. That’s why we added Bioperine® Black Pepper to the Full As F*ck formula. This compound dramatically improves the absorption of the nutrients it's paired with. (10)

Vitamins & Electrolyte Minerals
  • Vitamin C
  • Niacin
  • Phosphorus
  • Magnesium
  • Sodium
  • Potassium

One thing that’s not talked about very often is the fact that niacin increases blood flow. That makes it an exceptional support ingredient. Plus, Full As F*ck contains a full complement of electrolytes to help keep you hydrated while you train. (11, 12)

The Ultimate Full As F*ck Pump Stack!

Here’s a great Stack featuring some of 5%’s best products.

Full As F*ck

Kill It Reloaded - Of course, you can use any 5% Pre, but Kill It Reloaded contains an exclusive N.O. Blend that has most of the nitric oxide and cell volumizers you’ll find in Full As F*ck. That means even more amped-up dosing and massive pumps!

Core Creatine Monohydrate - Use Core Creatine on your off-days to maintain your creatine intake. There’s no need to cycle creatine, so you can safely use it every day. You can go with our classic Crea-TEN if you prefer. 

ADYM - To stimulate protein synthesis. ADYM should be used intra-workout. You can also use it anytime during the day to help you maintain a positive metabolic state. 

Real Carbs - You could substitute this with Real Carbs Rice if you prefer. The key here is to use this with Shake Time for your post-workout shake. 

Shake Time -  It’s critical to get your protein in throughout the day. Shake Time uses only whole food sources of protein. You won’t find any whey protein here!

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