What Makes 5% Nutrition Core Series Different?

 It seems like every supplement company makes a “Core” line. Oh sure, they might not call it that, but the fundamental premise is the same. The thing is, all these other companies are missing a key point about making a single-ingredient or simple formula. Keep reading and find out what that is and also find out what makes the 5% Nutrition Core Seriesdifferent.

The Typical “Core” Line

Typically, there are 2 types of core lines offered by the competition. The first is formula products. These are wellness formulas designed for anybody, not just bodybuilders and other athletes. The second are single-ingredient products featuring “core” nutrients. Of course, 5% has both. 

The 5% Nutrition Core Line

While providing single-ingredient supplements is great, there’s a problem. Whether the ingredient is a micronutrient, antioxidant, or sports nutrition ingredient, there should be 1-2 supporting ingredients to maximize results. 

Here’s Some Examples

Core D-Aspartic Acid

Of course, DAA is the key ingredient, and it’s clinically dosed at 3,120 mg. But, we also added DIM to offset estrogen. This addition is so logical for a testosterone-boosting product you wonder why no one else has done it. 

Core L-Citrulline 3000

This formula provides a solid 3-gram dose of citrulline, one of the best nitric oxide pump ingredients on the market. We’ve also added the outstanding ingredient glycerol. This covers both kinds of pumps, nitric oxide and water-based. 

Core L-Glutamine 5000

Of course, glutamine is crucial for recovery. It also helps prevent muscle protein breakdown and supports protein synthesis. There is a full 5-gram dose of glutamine. Plus, there are also 2 key supporting ingredients, l-alanine and n-acetyl l-glutamine. 

Core Vitamin C 1000

This isn’t just 1000 mg of Vitamin C. There’s also zinc and citrus bioflavonoids. This combination makes sense and provides a powerful antioxidant and immune health complex.

There Are Some 5% Core Products That Are Single Ingredients - How Are They Different?

The single-ingredient Core products are products that work best that way. For example, Core Creatine Monohydrate. This is how the original creatine was formulated. Here’s an ingredient that, in this form, can easily be used either by itself or added to anything. Add Core Creatine to your 5% pre-workout, Real Carbs powder, or Shake Time protein. Mix it in with any version of All Day You May. The powder is unflavored making it easy to use and easy to add to any other 5% powder.

5% Nutrition Core Series - 3rd Party Tested For Quality

The other thing that sets 5% Core apart is the 3rd party testing and product guarantee. 5% Nutrition makes premium quality, innovative products with effective dosing and our Core line is no exception! You can be sure you are buying the best products on the market when you buy 5% Nutrition. 

Build Your Core Stack - Buy Any 4, Save 20%

What a great deal! How can you pass it up? It makes sense to grab 4 Core products when you’re stocking up on your regular 5% Nutrition supplements. Don’t forget to check out our other stacks while you’re there.


5% Nutrition Core Series is the most innovative line of Core products on the market. With supporting ingredients supporting the primary ingredient, 5% Core stands alone as the only choice. Plus, the deal when you buy a stack of 4 Core products is amazing! Pick your foundational supplements - 5% pre-workout, protein, and aminos - and grab 4 Core products to round out a great purchase!
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