Nutrition Tips For Optimal Success!


Whether you want to gain more mass or get cut, the right nutrition is a fundamental part of any successful program. You can’t expect to approach your nutrition haphazardly and succeed in your efforts. It only makes sense that if you’re training hard and using 5% Nutrition supplements, your nutrition needs to be spot on. In this article, we’ll help you get there by giving you Nutrition Tips For Optimal Success!

Eat Enough Protein At The Right Times

There’s no question that protein is key for muscle growth and recovery. Recently, the idea of protein timing, or eating a protein meal every 3-4 hours, has come under debate. Some feel you only need to eat 2-3 big meals as opposed to 5-6 smaller meals. That’s not an approach Rich believed in! He believed in eating at least 6-8 meals a day. By eating frequently you guarantee reaching your protein requirements for the day. Not to mention, if you’re hungry, there’s no harm in eating regardless of what some so-called “experts” say.

Additionally, there are a few key times during the day when consuming protein is critical. First thing in the morning, because you’ve been sleeping 6-10 hours and your body is in a catabolic state. Also, right after a workout, mixed with carbs, and before bed to help offset the catabolic effects of going without food for the night. 

Pre And Post-Workout Nutrition

Even if you’re on a bulk, you should eat approximately 50% of your carbs in the hours around your workout. Eating before and after ensures training energy and quick glycogen replenishment. 

As mentioned, right after your workout is a key time to take in protein and carbohydrates. Yes, there’s some controversy (isn’t there always) about this. Some so-called “experts” believe as long as you ate in the last several hours, there’s no rush. You don’t have to worry about replenishing glycogen or ingesting protein to help offset the muscular damage you just caused in the gym. 

Even if that has merit, it’s safe to say by the time you reach the end of your workout, chances are you haven’t eaten in at least 3-4 hours. No doubt you feel drained and hungry. So have your Real Carbs and Shake Time shake, then eat an hour or so later. It worked for Rich, it can work for you.

Plan Your Meals - And Have A Plan When You Can’t Have A Meal

If you’re trying to gain muscle or lose fat, one key to success is to plan out your meals. Nothing will set you up for failure faster than “winging it” every day. You need to know when and what you’re eating, and the macronutrient totals for each meal. The best way to do this is to have your meals planned. 

With this in mind, let’s say you lead a busy lifestyle. Maybe your job or school schedule makes it hard to sit down to pre-planned meals. This situation is more common than you might think. When you can’t have a planned meal, the answer is to have a plan. This is where a Real Carbs + Protein shake makes the difference. You can simply bring a shaker and a couple of servings with you and just add water. 

Or, you can pre-make your shake and store it in a fridge. There’s no fridge? Then put it in an insulated thermos with plenty of ice, or even partially frozen. When you're ready, you can enjoy a refreshing, delicious meal in a glass. What’s even better is your 5% shake is 100% real-food sourced!


If you want optimal success from your efforts, these nutrition tips can make a huge difference. If you don’t already, start using them today. Keep working hard in the gym and make sure you stop by 5% Nutrition and stock up on all your supplement needs!

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