Kill It Ready-to-Drink: Portable Pre-Workout Power

If you watch the industry, you’ve seen that the latest trend is having your supplements available in a quick and easy delivery format. Perhaps the most convenient of these is your pre-workout as an RTD. It makes a lot of sense. What could be more effective than being able to get your pre-workout in your system with no mixing, no mess, and no fuss? Just open one up as you’re headed out the door. By the time you walk into the gym, you’re ready to work!

Defining What a Ready-to-Drink Pre-Workout Should Be!

Take a look at the label of Kill It RTD. Right off the bat, you’ll notice a sizeable 10g dose of Glycerine. That’s glycerol, the powerful osmotic compound that pulls water into the muscles. If you want insane pumps, this is one of the ingredients that’ll get you there!

To give you an even more insane pump, we added Citrulline plus the cell volumizers Betaine and Taurine. Finally, we top off this powerful pump complex with Nitrosigine®, another potent (and patented) nitric oxide booster. With Kill IT RTD, you have nitric oxide and water-based pumps. With a combination like that, you will be pumped beyond belief! (1, 2, 3)

Did You Say 400mg of Caffeine?

Sometimes you need a kick to get you going. Kill It RTD has just what you need. How’s 400mg of Caffeine sound? Ah, but not just any caffeine, this is a combination of slow and fast digesting sources of caffeine. You’ve got Caffeine Anhydrous and Caffeine Citrate for fast absorption and quick energy. There’s also Di-Caffeine Malate for slow release. Finally, we top off this exceptional Caffeine Complex with Theanine to smooth out the kick you’re going to get. It’s important to note that you shouldn’t drink Kill It RTD within 4 hours of going to bed. You want the caffeine to power you through your workout, not keep you up all night.  (4, 5)

What else is in Kill It RTD?

Just as you’d expect, Kill It RTD offers nothing but proven ingredients. There’s Beta Alanine for endurance and Huperzia for focus. What pre-workout would be complete without hydration ingredients? Of course, Kill It RTD has Coconut Water, Sodium, and Potassium. Sounds like Kill It RTD is a complete pre-workout with on-the-go convenience, doesn’t it?

5% Nutrition Kill It RTD for On-the-Go Ease

You can use your regular container of Kill It, Kill It Reloaded, or 5150, or you can enjoy the ease of Kill It RTD. To be honest, they both have their place in your supplement arsenal. No doubt it’s no big deal to mix up your favorite 5% pre-workout when you’re home. Sure, use your regular 5% pre-workout. Mix it up in ice-cold water, and hit those weights. Yet, if you’re in a hurry, at work or school, or already on the road, the easiest thing you can do is open up a Kill It RTD. It’s got everything you need for an amazing workout. 

Remember to take an ADYM Stick Pack or two with you, grab some water, and drink it while you train. That’ll hold you over until you can get to your Real Carbs + Protein (or Real Carbs and Shake Time) for your post-workout shake. Better make it quick, you need the carbs and protein to jumpstart recovery!

Get a Case for Yourself Today!

Not only does Kill It RTD give you a stunning pre-workout experience, it also tastes amazing! Do you dread drinking your pre-workout? Those days are gone! There’s no reason to wait, get a case of 5% Nutrition Kill It RTD in your favorite flavor (or flavors) today!


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