Intra-Workout Supplementation

We’ve already talked about Pre-Workout Nutrition And Supplementation. The next step is Intra-Workout Supplementation. This concept is one of the more recent innovations in sports nutrition, and it makes perfect sense. In this article, we will define what an intra-workout is and explain why it’s important. We will also look at the timing of your pre and intra-workouts.

What Is An Intra-Workout Supplement & What Does An Intra-Workout Supplement Do?

Specifically, an intra-workout is a supplement designed to keep you in an anabolic state while you train. The physical act of working out is catabolic. By drinking an intra-workout while you train, you can offset that, stay in an anabolic state, and get a head start on recovery. Of course, this assumes you’re in the gym for a serious workout. No doubt, any true 5%er is hitting it hard, just like Rich used to do. 

Yet, some 5%ers may be doing a different type of exercise. For example, if you’re doing a quick circuit-style routine, feel free to use an intra-workout, but you might as well mix it with your pre-workout drink. That’s because many circuit-style routines take only 30 minutes or less. Let’s get real, that leaves little time for a separate pre-workout, intra-workout, and post-workout. Therefore, if that’s your situation, mix up your intra with your pre-workout and choose flavors that complement each other. Hey, there’s no reason it shouldn’t taste good, right? Finally, drink your post-workout after you’re done.

Here’s How This Looks

Here are two scenarios that show the best way to add an intra-workout into your program. 

Scenario # 1

Here’s an approach that will work with the more hardcore 5%ers that hit it hard in the gym for an hour or longer. Start off with 5150 mixed with Full As F*ck. Or, you can try our new Kill It RTD, it’s convenient and delicious! Not to mention, it has an incredible formula. Next, sip All Day You May during your workout. Finally, get ready for a delicious post-workout treat. After your last set, mix up Shake Time, using Vanilla Cinnamon flavor, with Real Carbs, using Strawberry Shortcake flavor. Have this as soon as possible after your last set. 

Scenario # 2

As mentioned above, you’re doing a quick circuit-style 30-minute routine. Mix 1 scoop of All Day You May, the ultimate intra-workout, with 1 scoop of Kill It Pre-Workout. Once you’ve completed your workout, mix up 1 scoop of Shake Time with Real Carbs. A point on the flavor choices. You can use similar flavors throughout, or try any flavors you want. Some people like the consistency of a similar flavor for each drink. For others, it doesn’t matter. 

What To Look For In An Intra-Workout

No doubt the most important thing to look for in an intra-workout is BCAAs, preferably 6 grams in a leucine-heavy ratio and of course, we’re talking about All Day You May. It’s the perfect combination of BCAAs, EAAs, and CEAAs. All Day You May will keep you in an anabolic state no matter how hard you train. Plus, leucine is directly responsible for stimulating protein synthesis, the trigger for muscle growth, which is ultimately what you’re looking for anyway.(1)


In this article on Intra-Workout Supplementation, we looked at what an intra-workout is and what it does. We also looked at the best way to use your pre-workout, intra-workout, and post-workout for the best results. Next time, we will dive into Post-Workout Supplementation & Nutrition. 


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