Improve Your Mind-Muscle Connection, Part 1


It’s been said that the mind is the most powerful tool. When it comes to working out, that couldn’t be more true. Your mind can take your workouts to the next level. In this article, we will take a closer look at how you can improve your mind-muscle connection for enhanced results. We’ll also look at the 5% Nutrition supplements that can help. Get ready to gain!

What Is The Mind-Muscle Connection

The power of the mind is as real as it gets. Successful people from all walks of life, not just bodybuilders and athletes, will agree. Success begins in the mind, and Rich Piana was one of the best examples of this. 

So, what is the mind-muscle connection? We can define it as being able to focus 100% of your attention on the muscle you’re training to improve contraction quality. If you can improve the quality of your muscular contractions, you will see improved results. 

Why Is The Mind-Muscle Connection Important?

In any endeavor, mental focus is always a key to success. In the gym, in business, and life, you have to believe in your ability to succeed. Elite bodybuilders, athletes, and successful businessmen all say the same thing. Which is, one of the primary reasons they are successful is because they can see their success in their mind. 

When it comes to your training sessions, the mind-muscle connection means you are 100% committed to every set and every single rep. It means you can feel your target muscles working from the beginning of the rep to the end.

Now, contrast this mindset with the guy or gal that comes into the gym and does one sloppy set after another. Usually, they care more about their phone than their sets. They rest way too long. Then, they put their phone down just long enough to knock out a poorly done set. Their form is off, their range of motion is too short, and their rep speed is too fast. You can tell they can’t wait to end the set and glue the phone back in their hand again. 

So, of these two types of lifters, which do you think will get more out of their workout? Which one was Rich, and which one are you?

Techniques To Improve Your Mind-Muscle Connection 

Here’s a look at some techniques you can use right now to improve your mind-muscle connection:

  • Before you begin your workout, think about the muscle or muscles you plan to train.
  • Visualize how you want your muscles to look. Imagine what your sets and reps will feel like. 
  • Before you start your workout, flex your target muscles. Move your muscles through the range of motion, as if you were performing your first exercise. This helps you understand the function of the muscle. Knowing what the muscle is supposed to do is critical if you want to establish an effective mind-muscle connection.
  • Begin your workout by performing your reps slowly. Focus on feeling the target muscle work. The key to this is form and tempo. Make sure you are using perfect form and doing the exercise correctly. 
  • Hold and squeeze your muscles at the top and bottom of every rep. Do not perform your reps too fast. Take your time, there’s no rush. 
  • Flex between your sets. 

This Ends Part 1 - Get Ready For Part 2!

So far, we’ve seen what the mind-muscle connection is and how important it is to your workouts. You’ve also seen some preliminary techniques you can use. In Part 2, we will find out what to look for in a supplement and the 5% Nutrition Stack that can help. Also, we’ll present an example exercise and describe precisely how to mentally connect to that exercise. 

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