How The Metabolism Works - Part 4


In Part 3, we looked at several factors that affect metabolism and worked out our daily calorie needs. In Part 4 of our look at How The Metabolism Works, we will apply that information to gain muscular weight or lose unwanted body fat. Plus, we’ll look at the best 5% supplements to help with both!

What If You Want To Gain Muscular Weight?

In Part 3, we worked out the daily calorie needs of a hypothetical 28-year-old male who is 6’ tall and weighs 200lbs. We saw that this person needs 3156 calories per day to maintain his current weight. 

To promote gains in muscle mass, begin by adding 500 extra calories per day to your maintenance level. If you don’t see changes within 2 weeks, add another 500 calories per day. Monitor the mirror and the scale to be sure you aren’t gaining body fat. If you find you are, reduce your daily calories by 500, and add 2 or 3 cardio sessions per week. Begin with 20 minutes and work up to 30 minutes as needed. Adding cardio is what Rich did when he wanted to gain as much mass as possible in a few months, but did not want to get fat.

Going to our example, here’s what we have: 3156 + 500 = 3656 calories. This is our number for the first 2 weeks. If need be, add another 500 calories. This would make our new daily total 4156 calories. 

What If You Want To Lose Weight?

If your goal is to lose excess body fat, deduct 250 calories from your maintenance level. Add cardio as noted above. You can decrease daily calories by 250 every 2 weeks if you aren’t losing. Before you restrict your calories too much, work up to 3-5 cardio sessions of 30 minutes per session. Restrict calories as needed, but watch the mirror and the scale. If you are losing too much muscle, add 250 calories, and cut back to 3 days per week of cardio. The key here is to lose slowly. 

What About Supplements?

Of course, 5% Nutrition makes the most innovative, highest-quality supplements on the market. Where 5% especially comes into this is with our real food-sourced carb and protein powders. As noted, maintaining a consistent nutritional approach staves off muscle tissue being used for energy during the catabolic phase of metabolism. But what if your lifestyle limits when you can eat your meals? 

You might find yourself missing planned meals because you’re too busy at work or school. Sure, when you work, you are entitled to meal breaks. However, that’s not going to happen in some industries if you are the only employee in the building and you have customers waiting. 

That’s when 5% Real Carbs or Real Carbs Rice and Shake Time can help. Or, you can go with Real Carbs + Protein, Egg White Crystals, or Snack Time. Making up a quick shake, or bringing a pre-made shake makes it easy. Maybe you can’t sit down for a meal, but you can drink a shake with no problems.  As you can see, 5% has you covered!

Supplements And Weight Loss

As we have seen, losing unwanted weight is a function of restricting calories and exercise. However, you cannot cut calories too much or you risk catabolizing muscle tissue. That’s one more reason to use the 5% real-food powders mentioned above. You can also use the 5% supplements designed for weight loss. These include Shred Time, ADYM Shred, and L-Carnitine 3150. We also have a fantastic line of keto products, including Knock The Carb Out Bars. A bar is one more easy solution to a busy lifestyle. You will find that a complete approach to weight lifting, cardio, proper nutrition, and the right supplements will give you the best results. 

Supplements And Muscle Growth

As we have also seen, this is a function of the positive phase of metabolism. It’s tied into eating plenty of quality calories. The same powders mentioned above should be used here. A key to achieving your muscle mass goals is to be able to consistently eat enough food, especially protein. If you’re in a similar lifestyle situation as presented above, powders can help. 

Of course, you also have the run of most of the 5% line - our legendary pre-workouts, ADYM, Bigger By The Day, and Turkesterone 1200, to name a few. We’ve already laid out a great Testosterone Stack earlier in this Series. Needless to say, when it comes to mass, 5% has everything you need!


Wow! That was a decent amount of information, right? Yet understanding your metabolism and being able to control various factors to get the results you want is what it’s all about. As we have seen, knowledge is a primary tool for achieving your goals. Train hard, eat right, and don’t forget your 5% supplements!

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