Get Ready For Fall/Winter With 5% Hoodies!


The 5% Nutrition Hoodies show the world you live the 5% lifestyle with classic 5% designs in popular colors. You can match ‘em up to Sweats, T’s, and Hats for a complete 5% outfit. Don’t forget 5% Tanks for the gym! Finally, we’ve got the gear and supplements you need to make the most of your workouts. Get your gear, get your supplements, and get ready for Fall/Winter with 5% Hoodies!

The Classic Love It KILL It Hoodies

The 5% Nutrition Hoodies include our classic black Hoodie with the hardcore "Love It KILL IT" design in blue on the front. You’ll also see the legendary “5%” logo on the back and hood. Plus, there’s a smaller “5%” logo on the front with a huge “5%er For Life” design running across the back. Talk about getting the message across!

Also, there’s the black “Love it KILL It” Hoodies with red or black lettering and a huge “5%” on the back. This classic Hoodie is available for women too, in black with red lettering. You’ll find a smaller “5%” logo on the bottom front of all these great Hoodies. From there you’ll find a black zip-up Hoodie with “Kill It” running down the front in white. We also have a gray zip-up Hoodie with “Kill It” boldly running down the front in black. These classic Hoodies also feature the smaller “5%” logo on the bottom front. 

Here’s More Great 5% Hoodies!

Next up, you’ve got a great looking red Hoodie with “One Day You May” on the front in black and white. Plus, there’s a huge “5%” logo in black on the back.

There’s also a gray Hoodie with “Good F*ckin Morning” in black on the front, and a massive “5%” in black on the back. This is a Hoodie that doesn’t mess around!

5% Nutrition also has pullover Hoodies. One’s a green military-style with “5%” on the front in black and the American flag draped across the back. The other pullover Hoodie is available in 3 colors: gray, blue, and red. There’s the legendary “RP Crown” on the front, and a bold “5%” on the back. On the blue, there's white lettering. Same with the red, except the “5%” on the back is black. 

Don’t Forget The Stringer Hoodies And The Long Sleeve Shirt-Style Hoodie!

Finally, there are two stringer Hoodies and a long-sleeved shirt Hoodie. The first stringer Hoodie is red and black with a large “5%” on the front. On the back there’s the classic “RP Crown” in white with the crown itself in bold red. 

The second stringer Hoodie is black with red and white lettering. The slogan “5PercentForLife” runs down the front. The back is loud and proud with a big “5%” logo in red. 

Our long-sleeved shirt Hoodie is gray with black sleeves. This unique design has the word “Legend” with a crown on the front in black, and a bold “5% For Life” on the back in white and black. 

Stock Up On All Your Apparel - And All Your 5% Supplements!

Show everybody you’re a true 5%er with your favorite hardcore Hoodie! While you’re at it, grab a handful of Hoodies so you’re covered all Winter long. 

While you’re here, don’t forget to stock up on all your favorite 5% supplements! 

You’ve got your choice of pre-workouts, your choice of protein sources, and our exciting Core line. That’s just the beginning. There are some serious muscle builders and some great fat loss supplements. Also, there are nootropics and some basic health and wellness formulas! We’ve got it all, and we’ve got some great deals for the Fall and Winter season. Nothing matches 5% Nutrition innovation!

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