Focus & Energy Ingredients For A Hardcore Workout

riAny true 5%er will have their workout needs covered. After all, there are three pre-workouts to choose from. There’s something for everybody. But what if you’re new to 5% Nutrition? You may even be new to bodybuilding. You’ve come to the right place! The Legend Rich Piana knew what he was doing when he came up with four pre-workouts!

What’s A Pre-Workout All About Anyway?

Pre-workouts hit the market for the first time back in the late ’90s. The original idea was mainly about energy. You have to realize, the first pre-workouts predate such ingredients as pump enhancers and endurance enhancers. They predate many focus and energy ingredients.

What Sets 5% Pre-Workouts Apart?

Fast forward to right now, and the best pre-workouts, like Kill It, Kill It Reloaded, and 5150, are packed with focus and energy ingredients. Let’s take a look at each of them:

Kill It Legendary Series

Never used a pre-workout? Start here. One serving provides n-acetyl-tyrosine and rhodiola rosea for focus, and a reasonable 250mg caffeine for energy.

Kill It Reloaded Legendary Series

This pre-workout steps it up with a fully disclosed label. We’ve got choline, theanine, and huperzine A for focus. All three total up to 700mg of focus ingredients.

What about energy, you ask?

Kill It Reloaded bumps up the caffeine to 354mg. We use 3 forms of caffeine for steady, extended energy release. This way, you won’t experience jitters or a crash. The theanine from the focus blend also helps out here. It smooths out the effects of caffeine. Looks like Rich knew what he was doing! (1)

5150 Legendary Series

You’d better make sure you’re hardcore enough to use 5150! Other than a couple of ingredients, the entire formula targets focus and energy.

For focus, there are two kinds of choline and n-acetyl tyrosine. There’s also huperzine A. Now on to the insane energy ingredients! We’re talking synephrine, plus the Stim-Crazy Complex consisting of Caffeine Anhydrous, Dicaffeine Malate, Theobromine, Green Tea, Yerba Mate Extract, Guarana Extract, Green Coffee Bean Extract, and Gotu Kola Extract.

That’s eight types of caffeine! We’ve also added cocoa alkaloids. This supplies theobromine which helps to even out the caffeine. That means you don’t have to worry about a crash or jitters.

All of these ingredients help you achieve the focus and energy you need to dominate your workouts. (2,3,4,5,6)

As you can see, 5% Nutrition didn’t merely create one pre-workout. We created four answers to your training needs. The secret to a great workout is the focus and energy ingredients we put into these products. Pick the one that fits your experience level, and get ready for some hardcore training


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