Another Look At The Keto Diet


If getting lean is your goal, no doubt you've considered the Keto diet. That makes sense because it's an effective variation of the low-carb dieting approach. Low carb works, Keto takes it a little farther, and Rich took it further still. In this article, Another Look At The Keto Diet, we'll revisit Keto and look at the version Rich used to achieve his leanest condition.

What Is The Keto Diet?

The Keto diet is an ultra-low-carb, high-protein, and high-fat diet with 10% or less of your daily calories coming from carbohydrates. There are three main versions of this diet that vary according to your activity levels.(1)

They are:

  • Standard Keto Dieting (SKD)—As the name suggests, this is the standard Keto diet. SKD is ideal for people that may exercise, but not intensely. Therefore, a low-carb intake would not affect their exercise sessions. 
  • Targeted Keto Dieting (TKD)—This is a good version for bodybuilders and athletes. It allows carbs in the hours surrounding your workout. This improves workout energy and supports recovery by helping to restore glycogen. The primary goal of TKD is to enhance workout performance. 
  • Cyclical Keto Dieting (CKD)—This is also a popular version for bodybuilders and athletes. The difference with CKD is that it allows carb refeeds once a week instead of eating more carbs when you train. This weekly refeed helps replenish muscle glycogen levels.

Rich’s Approach To The Keto Diet

Rich followed a variation of the Targeted Keto Diet because he ate most of his carbs in the hours around his workouts. When Rich decided to bring his physique from 311 to 240 lbs, he began by cutting high glycemic carbs. His day began with 40g of Real Carbs and 10 egg whites mixed in water. From there, he switched to meals consisting of a protein source and fibrous carbs only. 

A couple of important points is that your pre-workout supplementation does not change. Rich often mixed up 5150, Full As F*ck, and sometimes All Day You May. Other times, he’d make All Day You May as a separate intra-workout, usually Slushie-style. The other point is that he still drank his Real Carbs (2 scoops) and egg white post-workout shake. Glycogen replenishment is critical even on a Keto diet.

What 5% Nutrition Supplements Support a Keto Diet?

All Day You Shred

It’s a good idea to promote anabolism with a good amino powder. Yet All Day You Shred is much more. Sure, there’s 6 g of BCAAs in the leucine dominant 10:1:1 ratio but there’s also an advanced fat-burning blend. All Day You Shred features natural caffeine (125 mg), hoodia, Innoslim, GBB, and carnitine. 

Liquid L-Carnitine 3150

Speaking of carnitine, here’s our outstanding liquid carnitine supplement. This mega-dosed formula features 4 versions of carnitine plus GBB. Carnitine helps transport stored fat to be used for energy.(2)

Other 5% Supplements

Of course, you'll want to keep protein high. That means Shake Time should be your go-to protein powder. As noted, Rich used Real Carbs, and you can do the same. You can also substitute Real Carbs Rice or Real Carbs + Protein


With 3 main versions, there’s a form of the Keto diet that will work for anybody. Rich relied on the version presented here when he competed and it helped him achieve amazing condition. If you want to achieve your leanest condition, give the Keto diet a try. Specifically, follow the approach Rich used, don’t forget your 5% Nutrition supplements, and get in your best shape yet!

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