5 Rules For A Great Off-Season


The best way to get the most out of your off-season training plan is to have specific rules to follow. Having rules in place means you have a plan in place. Not sure what rules you should follow? 5% Nutrition has the answer. In this article, we’ll look at 5 rules for a great off-season. Let’s get going!

Rule # 1 - Set Goals And Track Them With A Journal

Set specific goals. Then, monitor your progress by tracking workouts, daily calories, and supplement intake in a training journal.

By detailing your workouts in a journal, you will quickly see how well you are progressing. You will know exactly when you need to add weight. You can track how you felt, and how specific exercises are working for you.

By tracking your calories, you will know if you are on target. Never guess at your macronutrient intake. Guessing is not accurate, you need to be sure. Also, by tracking your supplement intake you’ll know how well your 5% supplements are working for you.

Rule #2 - Don’t Try To Stay Too Lean

Some lifters don’t want to lose that 6-pack and end up staying too lean. That’s fine except you will not gain any appreciable mass. You have to follow your plan. Anytime you follow a bulk, you will gain a little fat. That’s because you are taking in a consistent surplus of calories. 

With a good plan in place, you will have enough time to get your 6-pack back in time for summer. Plus, you will have the new muscle you worked hard to build in the off-season.

Rule # 3 - Off-Season Is The Time To Work On Your Weak Points

The off-season is the time to bring up your weak points. It might take more than one off-season to bring them up to the rest of your physique. Still, you can make impressive progress if you work hard. The key here, especially if you compete, is to build a balanced physique. 

Rule # 4 - Set A Time Limit

By this, we mean you should pick a date when it’s time to end your lean bulk. That’s the time you’ll want to transition to a cut cycle. When this date comes, you will want to gradually change over to a cut program. Begin by reducing calories by 10%. Do this every week until you are 10% above the maintenance calories you were eating before your bulk. This extra 10% allows for new mass gains. 

Next, add cardio. If you have been doing cardio consistently, up your intensity. If you have not been doing any cardio, begin with 15 minutes at moderate intensity. Add 5 minutes each week. You can also increase the intensity every week. 

As you did when you were bulking, monitor your progress and adjust calories and cardio accordingly. 

Rule # 5 - Don’t Forget Your 5% Nutrition Supplements

Of course, 5% Nutrition supplements have been a mainstay of your bulking program. Even when you transition, you can still use many of the same supplements. If you’ve been using Real Carbs to add calories, an easy way to cut that 10% is to decrease your servings. To keep protein intake high, use Egg White Crystals or Shake Time

To help your transition to a cut, we have several effective fat loss supplements. These include Shred Time, our powerhouse thermogenic, and All Day You Shred. Yep, we took the legend itself and added a powerful Fat Burner Blend. ADYM is what innovation is all about!


It’s clear that 5% has the supplements you need to bulk, and the supplements you need to get in your best shape. Why wait? 
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