5 Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is often called the most important meal of the day. While that can be debated, there’s no doubt that breakfast is essential. That’s because you’re breaking the fast (break-fast) of not eating for 7-10 hours. Getting protein and calories ASAP after waking up is crucial to returning to a state conducive to muscle growth. In this article, we’ll review 5 Healthy Breakfast Ideas that'll prepare you to start your day!

Breakfast Idea # 1 - Protein Oatmeal

Before we dive in, let's clarify one thing, and this is not yet another “recipes” article. We’re not listing portions and nutrient totals. These are easy ideas that you can use to make healthy breakfasts. If you want to track macronutrients, count everything as you make it. These 5 Healthy Breakfast ideas are simple, making them easy to follow. 

Now on to Healthy Breakfast Idea #1. Here’s an easy way to start the day. Mix up a serving of oatmeal (don’t use the high-sugar packets) and add a scoop of your favorite 5% protein powder. How about Shake Time, either Peanut Butter or Vanilla Cinnamon? Add some fruit, and you’ve got a great breakfast that kickstarts your day and body. 

Breakfast Idea # 2 - Protein Pancakes

There are a lot of ways to go with Protein Pancakes. You can use the pancake mix or flour (such as almond), add Shake Time or Egg White Crystals or cinnamon, and mix it with water or milk. Or, you can mix Egg White Crystals with oats, cinnamon, and your favorite Shake Time flavor. Feel free to add Greek yogurt to the recipe and top it with fruit, peanut butter, or sugar-free syrup. You can make as many pancakes as you want and refrigerate for later what you don’t eat right now. 

Breakfast Idea # 3 - Loaded Omelet

Whether you use eggs or 5% Nutrition Egg White Crystals, this is a bodybuilding staple. We’re looking at a 4-6 egg omelet or 5-6 scoops of Egg White Crystals. Mix in low-fat cheese, veggies, ham, turkey, and/or bacon, and you’ve got a loaded meal option with a ton of protein.

Breakfast Idea # 4 - Plain Greek Yogurt (Flavored With Fruit, Cinnamon, & Nuts)

The thing with yogurt, Greek or otherwise, is all the sugar. Once you look at most flavored versions, the sugar shoots up to double-digit levels. Sure, there are a couple of great low-sugar flavored versions out there. Yet going with plain Greek yogurt, and making sure you’ve got 6g sugar or less per serving, is the healthiest way to go. Ah, but the taste! Many people can’t deal with plain yogurt. That means it’s time to add your flavoring! One option is to add in a half scoop of Shake Time, some cinnamon, maybe a banana, and some nuts. Other options include adding in some granola and the fruit of your choice. Just watch the sugar and fat content if you choose to add granola. 

Breakfast Idea # 5 - Cottage Cheese, Fruit, Low-Carb Bread

With the popularity of Greek yogurt, there may be better choices than cottage cheese. Yet it’s a great option. Depending on the brand, a half-cup serving provides 12-14g protein, 0-5g fat, and around 5g carbs (all sugar), which is not bad. You can add fruit such as pear slices, apple slices, berries, or bananas to spruce it up.

Don’t Forget The Coffee!

Of course, most of us start the day with caffeine. In many cases, we may not eat for an hour or longer after we wake up. Here’s a trick to quickly return to a state conducive to growth. First thing when you wake up, mix up a slight protein shake. It doesn’t have to be a whole 8-10 oz shake. The idea is to get a shot of protein until you can sit down to a high-protein breakfast. Another option is to drink a serving of All Day You May Caffeinated as soon as you wake up. What could be better than the legendary All Day You May formula with added caffeine?


Of course, there’s no limit to what you can come up with for breakfast. It ultimately depends on your goals. Whether your goal is more mass or fat loss, it always makes sense to limit excess sugar. Other than that, use any of our five healthy breakfast ideas and get eating!

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