Healthy Protein Snacks


Whether it’s mid-morning or mid-afternoon, if you’re at work, there’s a good chance you’re hungry. If you’re a bodybuilder, you're not only hungry, you’re no doubt chasing gains - which means you need protein. After all, you’ve got to meet your daily protein goal! One great way to get there during your work day is Healthy Protein Snacks. Here are several delicious and easy ways to derail hunger and meet your protein requirements at work! 

5% Nutrition Shakes - Of Course!

You can count on 5% Nutrition to provide several great high-protein shakes choices. We don’t give you yet another whey protein powder; we give you different choices with each one featuring whole-food protein sources. First off, there’s Real Carbs + Protein. This delicious powder comes in several outstanding flavors and gives you 21g of variable-digestive rate whole-food sourced protein and 30g of whole-food complex carbs. If you can’t make a meal, here's your solution.

There’s also Shake Time, a whole-food protein powder supplying 25g of protein per serving. Finally, there’s Egg White Crystals with 20g of pure egg protein. Make a shake with it or use it to cook up some eggs! 

5% Doesn’t Stop With Shakes - We Have Snack Time! 

With 5%, getting your protein couldn’t be easier or more delicious - especially if you like peanut butter. Specifically, peanut butter and chocolate peanut butter. Snack Time is delicious single-serving squeeze pouches that provide 14g egg protein (chocolate peanut butter) or 15g egg protein (peanut butter). They're super easy to use and taste amazing. Just put a couple in your backpack, purse, or case and you're all set. 


Another great option is nuts - whichever kind you like. You can buy single-serving bags or bring your own in a resealable bag. Nuts supply protein and healthy fats plus help keep you feeling satisfied. Bring some cheese for an even tastier high-protein snack if you have a cooler or fridge at work. 

Keep It Cold!

Having access to a fridge or cooler opens up a lot more options. Now you can bring Greek yogurt (low-sugar of course), cottage cheese, or a pre-made 5% shake to store in the fridge. If your job gives you time and courtesy to snack at your workstation, you can make up a Greek yogurt parfait, some cottage cheese with fruit, or cheese, whole-grain crackers, and nuts.

Don’t Forget About 5% Nutrition Recipes!

Another option is our delicious and easy-to-make 5% Nutrition recipes. There are a lot of choices, so you can pick your favorites, make up a couple the day before, and take some to work for a tasty snack. Examples are No Bake Shake Time/Snack Time Peanut Butter Protein Bars or Real Carbs + Protein Blueberry Donut Holes. These are just two ideas, no doubt you have your favorite. Make it up, take it with you, and enjoy!

What If My Snack Break Is Limited?

There are scenarios where you may work alone, for example, in a retail environment. This is where you will have limited time and need something fast and easy. This goes right back to a 5% Nutrition protein shake or the ultra-convenient Snack Time pouches. 


It’s critical to maintain protein intake throughout the day. Following the tips for Healthy protein Snacks presented here, you should have no problem meeting your daily protein goals. Most of these options require minimal planning and prep. So stock up on your 5% Nutrition protein options and take charge of your day!

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