5% Nutrition Shake Time Granola

You might not think about granola when you think of things you can make with 5% Nutrition Shake Time protein powder. Yet, why not? First off, granola is delicious! You can use it as a topping over Greek yogurt, or ice cream, or eat it by itself. That’s the great thing about it, it’s versatile and tastes amazing! Add the right flavor of a premium quality, tantalizing powder like Shake Time, and you’ve got a stunning flavor experience!  So what are we waiting for, let’s find out how to make it!

What 5% Nutrition Supplements Go Well With This Recipe? 

5% Nutrition Protein Granola is really a topping that can be added to any number of foods. For example, add it to ice cream or oatmeal. Enjoy it with breakfast - mix it in with Greek yogurt and the fruit of your choice. Or, eat it by itself as a delicious snack! Try it as part of a post-workout meal. The bottom line is it can be added to your total nutritional and 5% Nutrition supplement program!

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