Bobby Tomlinson


I got into fitness because I was bullied for being chubby when I was younger. I lost most of the chub, then when I started playing football in high school I got into weight lifting. Weight lifting quickly became my absolute favorite thing to do and it was what I would look forward to while I was sitting in class. When I was 16 my dad passed away and the only thing that got me through it was the gym. It was and still is my therapy. As I continued lifting, I started to learn more about proper technique and nutrition which brought my physique to the next level. From there I got my personal training certification because I wanted to help others achieve their goals the way I did!

When I was 22, I was diagnosed with cancer. This was after I had already competed in 2 bodybuilding competitions and the entire time I was going through my chemo, radiation and surgeries, all I could think about was getting back on stage. 11 months after a surgery that was close to a leg amputation, I stepped back on stage and haven’t looked back since. After going through what I did, everything became easy and I told myself that I would do literally whatever it takes to get my pro card as a bodybuilder.

Professional and Fitness Experience:

I have been lifting for 10 years, I’ve been a personal trainer/coach for 6 years, and a competitive bodybuilder for 4 years! I currently run my own personal training business out of Huntington Beach California and work with clients online.